Why You Need Gutter Guards

Gutters clogged with leaves and debris

The gutters on your home are extremely important. They keep the inside of your home dry by channeling water away from your home or building.  Without them the damage caused by water would be tremendous.

But how important are gutter guards? 

Mother nature is always making a mess for us to clean up. Wind deposits leaves and debris on your roof and rain sweeps that debris into the gutter and clogging the downspouts. It only takes one leaf or nest to clog an entire gutter system preventing the water from escaping. 

A proper gutter system is designed to keep water away from your home. If the downspouts are clogged, the gutter fills up to the top and will overflow causing landscaping erosion on the front and fascia damage on the rear. 

Another problem is a gutter full of debris that has frozen solid in the winter time. It gets really heavy. A gutter’s fasteners are not designed to hold that amount of weight causing the gutter itself to dislodge from the home or building. 

Gutter guards protect your home or building by not allowing downspout clogging material to enter the gutter system. Some exterior contractors will say that it is not necessary to have gutter guards because we all agree on having your gutters cleaned twice a year

The addition of gutter guards will increase the life of the guttering system allowing you to spend less on yearly maintenance.