Glossary of Terms

Asphalt Shingles

Shingles made of asphalt usually used for low-budget roofs. Asphalt shingles have a shorter lifespan than other shingles and are susceptible to wind and ice.


To fill a joint or juncture with a sealant to prevent leaks.


A pre-formed flange placed over a vent pipe to prevent the pipe from opening. In other words, a vent sleeve.

Counter Flashing

A portion of the flashing attached to a vertical surface to prevent water from leaking into the base flashing.


The amount of protected area provided by roofing material. Depends on the amount of layers between the materials and the deck. Could provide single coverage, double coverage, etc.


An elevated roof structure, or saddle, at the back of a chimney to divert water and prevent accumulation of snow and ice.


The flat portion of a roof used as a walk or terrace.


A window unit that is framed out and projects from a sloped roof.

Drip Edge

A corrosion-resistant hanging material used along the eaves and rakes to prevent water from damaging underlying construction.


The horizontal, bottom edge of a sloped roof.


A flexible, fibrous sheet saturated with asphalt and used as the bottom layer for sheathing paper.


Pieces of metal used to weatherproof at any of the roof’s edges, intersections or projections.


The upper triangular portion of a sidewall that meets at the top of a double sloping roof.

Gable Vent

An opening designed to release hot air from an attic.


Ceramic-coated colored crushed rock applied to the surface of asphalt roofing products.


The trough that drains water from the eaves to the downspouts.


The inclined external angle at the intersection of two sloping roof planes. Extends from the ridge to the eaves.

Ice and Water

A waterproof roof underlayment that protects vulnerable areas on a roof from ice and water damage.

Ice Dam

Ice formed at the lower roof edge by the thawing and refreezing of melted snow on the overhang. Can cause ice and water backup under roof materials.

Laminated Shingles

Strip shingles with multiple layers of tabs to create extra thickness. Otherwise known as three-dimensional shingles or architectural shingles.

LP Siding

LP Siding is a premium siding material manufactured by Louisiana-Pacific Corporation. Lp Siding is made of engineered wood and OSB (oriented stand board).

Mansard Roof

A steep roof that turns into a flat roof at its highest point.


The inclined edge of a slope roof over a wall.


The highest point on the roof formed at the intersection of two sloping roof planes.

Ridge Vent

A ventilator located at the top of the roof that allows the release of warm and/or moist air from the attic area or rafter cavity.


The degree of incline usually expressed as a ratio from rise to run or a percent.


The finished underside of the eaves.

Starter Strip

Asphalt roofing applied at the eave that provides protection from extra material between cutouts and joints.

Step Flashing

Base flashing application method used where a vertical surface meets a sloping roof plane.


Asphalt saturated felt or synthetic material applied beneath roofing to protect the deck.


The internal angle formed at the intersection of two sloping roof planes.


An opening, or ventilator, that releases air from a building designed to ventilate a space, such as a pipe or stack.

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