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Siding with the Right Contractor

  Let Triton Help You Choose the Right Siding   As the chill of winter begins to lift, many of us were left wondering what we could do to make our homes more efficient if the winter of 2017-2018 returns. One may think that they are due for better insulation, energy efficient windows or possibly [...]

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Ice Dams are a Damn Shame

Ice Dams are a Damn Shame Preventing costly ice dams is roof and gutter maintenance 101: Simply put, you need to keep your roof the same temperature as the eaves. You'll accomplish that by increasing ventilation, adding insulation, and sealing off every possible air leak. By taking care of the following troublesome areas of your [...]

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Let us Clean Your Gutters for Free

  Let us Clean Your Gutters for Free   At Triton, we believe in giving back to our community. From our work with Rebuilding Together to how we conduct ourselves every day, there's more to us than repairing roofs and gutters to make a buck. We're an invested part of this community and we love [...]

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Rebuilding Together

At Triton, we're dedicated to the communities we serve. Here in Saint Louis, the communities are diverse and unique, just like our friends and neighbors living here. That's why Triton Exteriors doesn't look at our neighborhoods simply as rows of houses and streets—a neighborhood is a community of people. Across the city, we face [...]

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Winterize Your Roof!

It's Time To Winterize Your Roof If we've learned anything about St. Louis winters, it's that they are highly unpredictable. Because of this, some become complacent and will take unnecessary risks with their roofs. Don't be one of those. Here are five steps you can take to winterize your roof and help prevent roof [...]

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Is Gutter Cleaning & Repair Important?

Is Gutter Cleaning & Repair Important? Gutters are the keystone of your home’s well being. They control rainfall which will not only help your roof, but could be detrimental into the health of your foundation and your landscaping. Neglected gutters can turn a necessity to a nightmare. Clogged with leaves, sticks and other debris your [...]

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